tripping up the trail

May 28, 2006

towards the end of 8 miles

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I was thirsty. The air was hot and heavy. The sun was beating down on me, finding me despite my leaning against the shady side of the tree. But I was too tired to find a cooler spot.

I drained the last of my water and stayed still. Enjoying the not moving. Enjoying the wet sliding down my throat. Enjoying the feeling of knowing I was almost home.

Something fluttered in the air to my left. I ignored it. I assumed it was more dragonflies mating rapturously in the spring air. The fluttering came again from my right. I still didn’t look. I was too comfortable to move.

And then something landed on the top of my head, somewhere in the vicinity of the Miami Dolphins’ logo. I could feel tiny feet trying to maintain a balance. Two tiny feet.

I leaned against the tree in the dappled sunlight with something on my head. I was curious, but I didn’t want to disturb whatever it was, whatever was taking a short rest on my baseball cap.

A car zoomed by. The slight weight shifted on those two tiny feet. Startled, an unbelievably loud noise came from whatever the creature was before it pushed off from my head and winged away.

A red-winged blackbird had taken a brief rest on my head.

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