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April 4, 2006

the accommodations

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For some reason I am more concerned about what kind of tent to get than anything else.  There is no real reason why other than my brain likes to worry away at something.  This week my brain is preoccupied with tents.

First topic:  3- or 4-season tent?

I will not be thru-hiking.  I will be section-hiking.  I will be hiking when school is out — so only during the months of June, July or August.  For this reason a 3-season tent is a good option.  But then my mind starts wondering, “What if I decide to go backpacking over winter break or spring break?  What if it snows?  Remember that time it snowed on my 12th birthday?  It was late spring then and it snowed over 15 inches!”

So just on the off-chance that I decide to hike when there is a possibility of snow, do I go ahead and go with the 4-season tent?  Can I handle that extra bit of weight?  It’s 2 pounds heavier than the 3-season.  Two pounds doesn’t sound like much, but when you have to carry everything on your back, ounces matter.

Second topic:  2- or 3-person tent?

Stacy is hiking with me.  I refuse to hike alone.  I’m a wilderness wuss.  At home solitude is something craved because I cannot avoid everyone.  Out on the trail, in the mountains, you can hike with someone and still be in solitude.

The 2-person tents seem to be somewhere between 25 and 33 sq feet.  The 3-person tents are 40 to 50 sq feet.  Now try and imagine 25 sq feet.  It isn’t much.  Basically two people can lay side by side — mummy fashion — and no sprawling allowed.

I sprawl.

And again the question boils down to weight.  Can I afford to carry the extra ounces to full pound more that the 3-person tent weighs?

Third topic:  which brand?

Talk about feeling lost!  I swear the brands have changed since the last time I did serious hiking.  But then again it could just be my memory is starting to go.  I haven’t a clue.  And how much of the $$ goes to the brandname?

 I don’t want to shell out money for a name.  Especially not if the lower-priced product is of similar quality.

Fourth topic:  do I need a fourth?

Most definitely not!  The first three already have me running in circles. I don’t need more to continue the spinning going on in my head.

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