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May 29, 2006

another month

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Yesterday I hiked for 8 miles. 

Hiked is not quite the right word.  Strolled.  Walked. Those are better words for what we do here in South Florida.

Anyway it is all in preparation for starting my shorter hikes later in the summer.  The walking I do here in the flatlands of South Florida.  Kari and I did manage to stroll across the highest point here — 29 feet above sea level.  I think the elevation change was all of 10 feet.  Pathetic, but there you have it.

Wednesday is our next ‘hike’.  We’ll leave the house at 7am before the temps hit the mid to upper 80s.  We’ll wander across the Ridge through Tree Tops Park (if the gates are open), down Orange, across Griffin, eat breakfast, then meander down Pine Island, up Sheridan, over Nob Hill, down Stirling to our favorite coffee haunt — Starbucks.

If our favorite barista isn’t there, Kari may cry.

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